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The Facts

Do you think our planet is getting better or worse?

Do you do anything to make it better?

People say they will do something, but it rarely happens. Some people recycle or donate to charity, but it's not making a difference. We all know something needs to be done, but how do we go about it? Land Preserve is the answer.

Land Preserve was created to provide a simple, easy, inexpensive way for every person to help preserve land, protect wildlife habitats and save the planet from our own destructive behavior. If we all get together through this website, we can make sure the earth starts getting better.

Millions and millions of acres could be preserved forever. Why not do it? With your membership, we could start saving these land parcels:

Colorado - 46,790 acres (73 square miles) of amazing terrain


Hawaii -  565 acres with incredible waterfalls, pools and streams

 British Columbia, Canada - 620 acres at the base of Mount Tatlow


This is just a small sample of the land parcels that could be preserved forever by you, as a member of Land Preserve. Let's preserve the land above, and make it available for members to use. All this, for only $10.00 per month. This is an amazing endeavor. 

Our Story

We realized a simple thing - that by preserving land, we wind up saving not only the land, but countless animals, trees, plants, insects, and even fish. Plus, preserving land and trees provides better air quality. Preserving land was the key to everything, but land is expensive. How do we acquire the land so that it can be saved?

Then we came up with a plan. Create a 'club' that everyone can join for a low monthly fee, like a gym membership. It can't be free like many websites, because land costs a lot of money. We discovered that most people thought $10 per month was cheap and affordable. That would be the rate.

The next step was to build up to one million members, which provides $10 million per month to buy land. We could be buying land constantly, all over the country and world and saving millions of acres and billions of plants and animals!

We built the website, made it easy for people to sign up, and created a referral system in order to spread the word.

In order to get people to join and stay members, we decided to let them actually see the land, stand on it, and use it. That way, all members can see the results. This was different than any other land preservation effort ever undertaken.

Our job now is acquiring land. This will take time. As membership grows, so will the portfolio of land. 

Company Structure

Land Preserve is based in Colorado and different than any conservation or preservation organization ever formed. Land Preserve is not a charity or non-profit organization, which are regulated by the government. They are restricted in what they can do, and often develop bad reputations through radical efforts. Plus, a charity or non-profit is usually formed just for the purpose of avoiding income taxes. Why not just pay income taxes and avoid all the government regulations?

At Land Preserve, the plan is to put all profits back into the company to buy land. By doing so, we don't have to worry about paying income taxes on profits anyway. If there's a profit at the end of the day, then we will take that and buy land. The purpose of Land Preserve is not to make a profit, just to preserve more and more land.

Without government regulation, we can grow into a massive worldwide force and preserve more land than any other company or charity ever did. 

Being a Member

Please Join Now, so we can start saving millions of acres of land. Information on each preserved land parcel will be uploaded to the website. You will be able to see where it is and go check it out. This will be so amazing, you will be glad you joined.

There are various benefits to becoming a member, including:

  • You will be preserving land forever, throughout the U.S. and the world.
  • You will eventually be saving millions of acres of land from ever being developed or destroyed.
  • You will be saving countless numbers of animals, plants, trees and other living things.
  • You will be able to use parcels for hiking, biking, walking your dog, horseback riding, etc.
  • You will be part of the generation that finally did something about our dying world. You will be the one that revived it.
  • You will have the opportunity to earn a referral fee if you sign up a new member.
  • You will be able to access information on the land being preserved, including maps, locations, descriptions, size, terrain, etc. 


Thank you for becoming a member. Let's do this and make it work!

Greg Owen, Founder of Land Preserve

Member Code

Member Code is a unique identifier automatically assigned to you when you become a member of Land Preserve (it is a random set of numbers and letters). When you refer others, input Member Code in the required field or ask them to input your code if they are signing up themselves. This will ensure that you receive credit for the referral.