Land Preserve LLC

Frequently Asked Questions


1. How do I become a member?
In order to become a member, click on Join Us and fill in the required information under Register New Member. You must agree to the Terms and Conditions and Land Use License Agreement. You will then be directed to billing and payment information.

2. How much does it cost?
Land Preserve automatically withdraws $10.00 per month from the payment method chosen (you can choose either credit card or bank account). The $10.00 will be charged every month for as long as you are a member. You can cancel at any time.

3. What is the $10.00 per month membership fee used for?
Land Preserve uses the $10.00 per month membership fee in order to acquire and preserve land in its natural state. The fees are used only for this purpose, and are not used for any other purpose. The membership fee goes toward acquiring the land, and also must be used for maintaining parcels, installing trails, marketing, paying referral fees to members, etc. Costs and expenses are extensive in the acquisition, care and preservation of land.

4. Why is it not free like many other websites?
Land is not free, and we need to charge something in order to buy land. We figured out that $10.00 per month was affordable for most people, and was also a sufficient amount to buy land if there are a large number of members.

5. Can I cancel my membership?
Yes, you can cancel your membership at any time with no obligation. Any membership fees previously paid are not refundable. The Cancel Subscription button is located on the Your Account page after you log in. You must be signed into your account in order to cancel your subscription. If you were referred to Land Preserve by another member that person will receive a notification that you are cancelling.

6. Is there one membership per person, family or household?
One membership is good for all direct family members living in one household. A single membership covers both spouses, kids and even other family members, as long as they have the same address. Additional memberships do not need to be purchased for those living under the same roof. If a family member lives somewhere else, such as a kid going to college, they would need to purchase a separate membership.

7. How can land be preserved at only $10.00 per month?
High volume and low cost (a large number of members paying a small monthly fee). At $10.00 per month, one million members would generate $10 million per month. That generates sufficient funds to buy land all over the U.S. and the world.



1. How does Land Preserve acquire parcels?
Land Preserve acquires land from any owner who is willing to sell their land. There are land parcels for sale all over the U.S. and the world. There are other ways to acquire land, such as donations, gifts, grants, land auctions, financing, etc. We discovered that many land owners are willing to work with Land Preserve.

2. Where is the land located?
The entire portfolio of Land Preserve land is planned to be throughout the United States and the world. Parcels will eventually be located in other countries in order to protect the environment worldwide. Eventually, Land Preserve parcels will be everywhere and hopefully one will be in close proximity to where you live, work and travel.

3. How much land is in the Land Preserve portfolio?
Land Preserve is currently attempting to build up a portfolio of land. The plan is to aggressively acquire land in the U.S. and around the world. Parcels of land that are acquired, and actively being sought, will be displayed on the web site.

4. Will the land ever be developed or sold?
The land in the Land Preserve portfolio will never be developed or sold for a profit - ever. This is a promise to all members. A violation of this policy would be a breach of the agreement between the company and members.

5. As a member, do I own part of the land?
As a member, you have certain rights, but you do not own any part of the land or the company. Your membership is like a gym or health club membership, where you have the right to use the gym but you do not own it. Once you register as a member and are current with your monthly dues, you are granted access to certain land parcels and must adhere to certain regulations.

6. How is the land managed?
The land is managed and taken care of according to any laws and regulations. We also attempt to maintain and preserve the land in its natural state. Land Preserve has a Land Manager position to oversee the land and manage it.



1. Can I bring my family or friends on the land if they don’t have a membership?
One membership is good for all direct family members living in one household, each having the same street address. Due to the hazards, limitations and restrictions, only members can access the land. Therefore, all those accessing the land from one household would be considered members under one membership agreement, and all are bound by the Land Use License Agreement. Friends or family not living in the same household need to purchase a separate membership and agree to the terms of membership before accessing the land.

2. What if a non-member is on the land?
Land Preserve is a privilege to paying members. Non-members on the land are trespassing.

3. What if disorderly conduct is observed?
If you witness any of the rules or regulations being broken or any trespassers, please do not hesitate to contact Land Preserve on the Contact Land Preserve page. Please contact local authorities if you observe illegal activity. Please call 911 immediately if there is an emergency.

4. Can I use any land parcel in the Land Preserve portfolio?
Land Preserve must limit which land parcels are accessible to members. This is due to each land parcel having different terrain, regulations, locations, local laws, neighboring property owners, etc. Land Preserve may also limit the dates and times that certain land parcels may be accessed. However, many land parcels will have no limitations. The limitations are explained on the View the Land page in the description of each individual parcel.

5. What are the restrictions for using the land?
As an upstanding member, you are granted access to certain land parcels and must adhere to certain regulations. As a member, you are also bound by the Land Use License Agreement that you must agree to when registering as a member. For your safety, and for land preservation, we must have set restrictions for using the land. Certain land parcels, or portions of land parcels, may need to be protected from humans, or may be too hazardous for use by humans. Hazards could include cliffs, swamps, rivers, waterfalls, glaciers, avalanche areas, etc. Restrictions include but are not limited to: the land must be maintained in its natural state; no littering; no loitering (you can’t live there); and no fires (some parcels may have designated fire pits or rings, but in most cases fires are not allowed due to the recent rash of forest fires in many states).

6. What activities are allowed on the land?
Various non-invasive activities are allowed, such as hiking, biking, walking your dog, horseback riding, cross-country skiing, snowboarding, bird watching, picnicking, rafting, kayaking, rock climbing, and much more. Invasive uses that hurt the land, leave a mark, pose a danger to other members are not allowed. Certain parcels may be designated specifically for dirt biking, four-wheeling, snowmobiling, and other invasive uses at certain designated dates, and would not be accessible by other members at that time.

7. Can I fish or hunt on the land?
No. Fishing and hunting is generally not allowed on Land Preserve parcels. Our goal is to protect the land and the wildlife on our parcels, including fish. In addition, hunters and hikers on the same land at the same time would pose serious risks for both. Our best practice at this time is to not allow hunting or fishing.

8. Can I go camping?
Camping will be allowed only on certain parcels with designated campsites. Otherwise, most parcels do not allow camping. The reason is that there are those few campers that leave trash, start fires, stay up into the night, consume alcohol, drive vehicles onto the site, etc. Regulating camping is expensive and time-consuming. Due to this, camping will be allowed only on certain designated parcels.

9. Will there be trails to follow?
Land Preserve will install designated trails on certain parcels, though many parcels will have no trails at all. You may travel your own route on parcels that do not have designated pathways. Certain limitations apply. There may also be dangers off-trail, such as cliffs, and all dangers cannot be known or marked. It is at your own risk if you travel off-trail.



1. Is Land Preserve a Charity?
Land Preserve is not a charity or non-profit organization. This allows the company to grow without restriction and government regulation, and use all membership fees for the purpose of acquiring land rather than running a charity. All profits are to be put back into the company for the purpose of preserving land. However, Land Preserve has formed a separate charitable organization in order to hold land tax-exempt, accept donations of land, and to hold conservation easements. This is a completely separate entity.

2. What makes Land Preserve different from charities?
A charity is highly regulated and restricted, and unable to grow into a major national and international entity. Land Preserve is not regulated by the government and is able to grow into a major national and international presence. The main purpose of the separate Land Preserve charitable entity is to be able to accept donations of land, create conservation easements, and to hold the land tax-exempt. Land Preserve members can also use the land held by the charity, subject to restrictions imposed by the IRS.

3. What makes Land Preserve different from state or national forests and parks?
Land Preserve is not open to the public; is for exclusive use by members only; will often not be crowded; does not have additional entry fees; is not supported by taxation; does not have as many land use restrictions; will not have law enforcement present unless an emergency or illegal activity is occurring; is both national and international; and will have parcels in many locations where national forests and parks are not located. This makes Land Preserve unique and enjoyable for use by its members.

4. How do I contact Land Preserve?

If you have any more questions, please go to, or email us at the following. We will attempt to answer your questions promptly.



286 Main Street, PO Box 2322

Elizabeth, CO  80107

303-646-LAND (5263)