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Native Silver

Native Silver Site

Town of Sunset, Boulder County, Colorado 

Sunset is a small historic mining town approximately 10 miles west of Boulder in the mountains. The existing trail that leads to the subject site passes through national forest land and is sufficient to allow safe and easy access. Parking areas are located above and below the site at the trail heads.

Map Coordinates (copy and paste into Google Earth search field):  

40° 2'30.89"N 105°28'41.37"W

Difficulty Rating: Intermediate

Approximate Trail Length: 1 mile 


Hike up to the site about ¾ mile from the end of Four Mile Canyon Road just past the little town of Sunset. Another access point is from the north, by hiking down from Stagecoach Road about ¼ mile. Look for the signage designating this land for public use, and enjoy hiking around the property, picnicking in the meadows, taking pictures of rock outcroppings and trees, walking your dog, bird watching, or whatever activity you are enjoying that day.

The trail is over one mile in length and slopes upward or downward at higher grades in places. Please be well prepared by bringing adequate water, safety supplies, gear, clothing, footwear, etc. Also, please be aware of the weather conditions. Wild animals include deer, elk, birds, small ground animals, and the potential for bears and mountain lions. Please keep this in mind.


To access the property from the south:

• Go west from Boulder on Boulder Canyon Drive

• Turn right (north) on Fourmile Canyon Drive (approximately 2 miles up from the west end of Boulder)

• Stay on Fourmile Canyon Drive approximately 10 miles (turn left at Gold Run Road to stay on Fourmile)

• Turn at the fork and switchback leading to the Town of Sunset, just before you reach Sugarloaf Mountain Road

• Travel through Sunset, past the homes, as far as you can safely drive and find a public parking area

• Find a pullout or parking space

• Hike up trail toward the north approximately ¾ mile

• Look for our sign and enjoy the land


To access the property from the north:

• Go west from Boulder to access the Town of Gold Hill (Gold Hill can be accessed by traveling west from Boulder on Sunshine Canyon Drive for approximately 10 miles, or north from Boulder Canyon Drive, and turning north on Gold Run Road)

• Turn left (west) on Main Street, and travel through town to access County Road 52

• Travel west on CR 52 approximately 4.5 miles, and turn left on Stagecoach Road

• Go south on Stagecoach Road until it ends on a pullout and parking area

• Find a pullout or parking space

• Look for sign that reads "No Vehicles Beyond This Point", which is the public trail leading to the site

• Hike down trail toward the south approximately ¼ mile

• Look for our sign and enjoy the land


 Other access routes:

• Pennsylvania Gulch Road, east from Peak to Peak Highway

• Sugarloaf Mountain Road north from Boulder Canyon Drive

• Indiana Gulch Road southeast from the Town of Ward